Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation: building the foundations for the toolkit for collaborative and cooperative learning experiences

The beginning of 2020 has been characterized by the organization of two days of co-design workshop for the creation of a new toolkit, which has the aim of supporting training bodies, schools and universities to innovate their methodologies with horizontal and hybrid approaches, which are typical of coworking and collaborative spaces. The workshop, hosted in the spaces of Impact Hub Florence, has been the occasion to co-design this tool together with the partners of the Erasmus project.

The group laid the foundations for the creation of the toolkit, which will be presented, published and made freely accessible starting from this summer.

The toolkit will describe an ideal journey for the co-design and implementation of academic curricula, integrating tools for the construction of experiential learning paths with the best training practices of coworking spaces and innovative communities.

Furthermore, it will provide a set of tools for every phase of the design of collaborative spaces and their learning experiences, relying on the already existing resources collected during the research and mapping phases of the project. In other words, it will not be necessary to reinvent the wheel: the team will organize in a logical way the access to existing and open resources, as a “one stop shop” with an easy-to-use criterion.